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Retaining Walls in Gold Coast

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Macaw Fencing provides superior quality timber and concrete retaining walls for your Gold Coast property and homes. These two types of retaining walls provide strong structure and appealing aesthetics to any type of building. We take pride in offering quick and trustworthy service to renovate your landscaping with Macaw’s concrete sleeper wall services.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Fully reinforced concrete retaining walls are built to last long. Concrete sleeper walls are tested to suit your surroundings. Plus, the natural appearance of a stone makes concrete wall decorative and is the preferred choice for Gold Coast QLD homes. Concrete walls take less width on the ground and are excellent termite-proof solution for your property.

Timber Retaining Walls

For a natural ambiance in your gardens, properties, and homes, timber retaining walls are a must have option. The warmth of natural timber wood not only adds practicality, but also enhances an outdoor beauty. Constructed using CCA treated pine and hardwood, gives your homes beautiful screens of timber.

Retaining Wall Repairs

We are the leading retaining wall repairs and builders in Gold Coast. If you would like to renovate your existing walls to withstand severe storms or need any repairs to retain the concrete or timber sleeper walls, we provide comprehensive range of services to suit your requirements. Whether it is small wall or a large wall covering the entire building, our experts take extra care to repair walls with our advanced technology and tools.

Tailor made retaining walls solution from Macaw fencing are designed at cheap and affordable prices to make your landscaping and backyard look beautiful and stands out from other neighboring buildings.

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